Thursday, January 13, 2011

Realistic view of the State of Missouri's Autism Bill as seen by ME!

Well, I don't even know where to start so here I go.  Today I learned that the new autism bill which was passed this last fall will not be bringing any relief to my family.  The autism bill forces insurance companies in the state of Missouri to cover $40,000 for ABA therapy.  Upon hearing the news of the passed bill, I was elated.  Finally we would get a break finacially over this responsibility of healing our son.  The bill was in effect as of January 1, 2011.  I am sad to say that we will get zero help from this bill.  The bill states that they will not cover any cost of a school.  Ty goes to The Ozarks Center for Autism( he recieves 30 hours of ABA therapy a week.  The school is ran by a board certified ABA therapist and Ty's one on one teacher just finished her masters and working toward her certification.  He is recieving the best education he could possibly be getting and they are not going to help.  They will cover outpatient which is good but the break down of what they will cover and what he needs is not equal.  The outpatient therapy is $80 an hour.  When you break down the money it equals out to be 9 hours a week.  Oh and then you have to pay $25 co-pay.  I'm not sure if that is per visit.  Outpatient therapy is usually done an hour at a time.  Our cost would be $225 a week.  Right now we don't have time in our schedule to add more therapy but when Ty goes into the school system this fall we will be needing extra services.  I just can't believe that they will not cover some of his therapies.  We  had to declare bankruptcy so Ty could continue to attend the Ozarks Center.  The sacrifices have been so big and I just thought maybe life would give us a break.  I have never asked for hand outs and I never will but we need a break.  The insurance companies do not cover any of the testing that we really need and now they won't provide enough therapy to really impact the child.  I think I have found my new purpose.  I'm ready to advocate for all of the families out there that have not been blessed enough to be a part of the Ozarks Center for Autism.  I am ready to raise my voice for those families that are too busy working 2 and 3 different jobs just so their children can have 9 hours of therapy a week.  Our children NEED 30-40 hours of therapy a week to make a difference.  Our children are worth saving.  They are our future.  Why can't anyone see this.  The newest statistic is 1 in 58 boys will be diagnosed with autism.  Come on people open your eyes.  This is an epidemic!  I have such a heavy heart this evening.  I'm sorry for my frustation.  I am very greatful for the progress the state of Missouri has made by passing this bill.  I personally know serveral people which were involved in making this happen.  I just look forward to the day when our children get the help they truly deserve.  Thank you to all of you that take the time to read the writings of this desperate mother.  Goodnight!