Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I found these necklace holders on Pinterest and just had to have one.  Chris found some old wood and made them for me.  They are so creative.  Just using simple items and making them beautiful.  I always like having one of a kind items in my house.  Hope you like them as well.  Here are the ones we've made so far.

Ribbon Tree

For those of you that don't know, Christmas is very big at my house.  There's usually not an ounce of doorway or railing that doesn't have some form of garland and lights on it.  I was looking on facebook the other day and one of my DYI sights had a picture of a ribbon tree and I thought it was just darling.  I showed it to Chris and a day later this is what he brought home to me.  He went and bought the ribbon and everything he needed to make the tree and poof!!!! Here it is.

He's tree is even cuter than the original one.  I can't believe how very talented this man is.  I'm so proud of him.  This is a part of himself that he really doesn't let too many see.  It doesn't go real well with football, basketball and baseball oh and wings and beer.  LOL.  I will be posting more of his crafty creations soon so keep your eyes out for the next post from my blog.  Hopefully he doesn't care that I am sharing this with the world:)

We will be selling these at the craft fair this weekend if you are interested.  The best part is we can customize the tree to fit your taste.  If your color scheme is pink, then we will make it with pink ribbon.  I told him I wanted him to make a brown and light teal tree.  I think those colors would be beautiful.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Creative juices are flowing.........

Here's my official first project I've made using my Cricut Imagine.  I do love this machine.  It is amazing on the capabilites it can do.  I just decided to make custom gift bags for those that purchase some Tickled Pink Bath Product. 
I thought the claw foot bath tub would be a nice touch;)

What I love the most about Chris is that he realize my ideas.  I saw these awesome necklace holders on Pinterest and I just had to make them.  Well two days later and lookie lookie......he did it.  I would've never thought to use this old barn wood.  They look amazing.  We still need to put the hangers on.  I'm going to attach silk ribbon to hang it on the wall.

We tried to make a variety to suit all different taste.

I think the turquoise and clear knobs are my favorite.

Last but certainly not the least is this vintage door hall tree.  Chris is doing an amazing job on this project.  Now he's waiting for me to finish it.  I have to do the painting.  I'm just so nervous that I will screw it up.  I'm going to try and match the finish on the door.  I also still need to get the basket that fit under the bench for storage.  

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tickled Pink Bath Company Holiday Craft Fair

Ozark South Elementary 1st Annual
Craft Festival

December 3, 2011
Ozark South Elementary

Tickled Pink Bath Company
Holiday Craft Fair

 Come by and receive a free hand treatment with our decadent sugar scrubs.

 Lotion bars, bath salts, bath fizzies and gift baskets.

 Ooh La Lollipops.  Bath fizzies for the kids.

 Sugar Scrub Shakers in Black Raspberry Vanilla, Monkey Farts, Carribean, Spiced Chai,
Peppermint Patty, Fruit Loops, Pearberry, Coco Mango, Margarita and Bite Me.

We also have Organic Sugar Scubs, Lemon Spearmint Bath Salt
and Pucker Up Lip Balm in Grapefruit Spearmint.

Bath bombs in Bermuda Triangle, Carribean and Monkey Farts.