Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mason Jar Chandelier

I couldn't wait to share these photos with you of my new light fixture for the dining room.  I'm so excited that Chris is so talented to build this ideas I have.  I saw this light fixture on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  He saw and said "I can build it".  It has turned out truely amazing.  It was NOT as easy as the blog we read said it was but we improvised.  The original light fixture was done with clear mason jars but I really wanted a vintage feel with the blue jars.  It took a couple of days of junkin' to find the jars we needed.  The hardest part was mounting the chandelier itself.  Once it was hung we still weren't happy with it because it just wasn't hanging like we thought it should so a little adjustments.....shortening some of the wires.......we now absolutely love it.  I hope you like it as well.  Now Chris has ladies wanting him to make them one too:)  He is actually flirting with the idea of selling mine.  I don't think I like that idea........BOO!