Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ribbon Tree

For those of you that don't know, Christmas is very big at my house.  There's usually not an ounce of doorway or railing that doesn't have some form of garland and lights on it.  I was looking on facebook the other day and one of my DYI sights had a picture of a ribbon tree and I thought it was just darling.  I showed it to Chris and a day later this is what he brought home to me.  He went and bought the ribbon and everything he needed to make the tree and poof!!!! Here it is.

He's tree is even cuter than the original one.  I can't believe how very talented this man is.  I'm so proud of him.  This is a part of himself that he really doesn't let too many see.  It doesn't go real well with football, basketball and baseball oh and wings and beer.  LOL.  I will be posting more of his crafty creations soon so keep your eyes out for the next post from my blog.  Hopefully he doesn't care that I am sharing this with the world:)

We will be selling these at the craft fair this weekend if you are interested.  The best part is we can customize the tree to fit your taste.  If your color scheme is pink, then we will make it with pink ribbon.  I told him I wanted him to make a brown and light teal tree.  I think those colors would be beautiful.

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