Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friends are PRICELESS!

Chris, Ty and I had a great night.  Shawn, Tonya and Connor came over for dinner and cards.  We have not gotten together in over a year and it was amazing.  We have been through a very difficult year and broken relationships.  You know true friendships will prevail.  We are very lucky to know such a sweet and caring family.  My heart is full this evening.  I am so glad that we are no longer letting others manipulate our friendship.  Tonight was about just having fun and not about what we have been through.  I love you guys and I knew this day would come.  By the way, I have never seen my son play with another child his own age.  He loved having Connor here.  I guess Connor is familiar to him.  He really engaged play with Connor and in return Connor treated him just like all of his other friends.  We have had lots of company over and Ty's evening always consists of sitting on the computer playing games by himself.  Tonight he was running and chasing Connor.  I'm so excited to get them together again.  We had a victory tonight over autism.  Ty one......autism Zip, Zero Nada!!!!!!  We win!  lol!

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